woensdag 1 juni 2016

Seeds #12: Twang-Project

For the coming edition of Seeds we welcome the new group of an influencial Dutch artist. Nobody less than Jasper le Clercq, violin player and composer, who is touring the world with Zapp4, as leader of the Jasper le Clercq Quartet and in other combinations will play! Together with the great Andreas Suntrop on guitar/dobro/lapsteel and the just as great Paul Pallesen on guitar/banjo/vocals he presents his newborn Twang-Project.
In his next life Jasper le Clercq will be a guitarist, or maybe he was in his previous life, who knows? We do know that all New Orleans, country, rock, but also impro-notes will find their way through 16, or, if a Banjo gets involved, 14 strings.


Donderdag 16 Juni 2016

20.00, zaal 19.30

Buurthuis De Branding, Isaac Hubertstraat 153, 3034 CS Rotterdam

Entree: 5 €

Seeds is a nonprofit event, all ticket income goes to the artists. If you like what they do, feel welcome to donate extra!

zaterdag 26 maart 2016

Seeds #11: Neuro Paste & Benjamin Strauch/Coen Janssen

If we look at music as a language, it shares certain aspects with words. Music and words both can trigger memories. What happens when we look at images simultaneously while we hear words and music? Together with the performance artists Mariëtte Groot and Florian Cramer I will present an evening about the three elements word, music and image containing humorous experimental pieces of poetry, songs and a video animation produced with visual artist Coen Janssen.
Please note: the address has changed!

Thursday, April 21, 20.00
Isaac Hubertstraat 153
3034 CS Rotterdam

Entrance: 5 €

Seeds is a nonprofit event, all ticket income goes to the artists. If you like what they do, feel welcome to donate extra!
Neuro Paste is een duo van geniale dilletanten: Mariëtte Groot en Florian Cramer, beiden uit Rotterdam, de laatste met Duitse roots. In hun verzameling klankgedichten, liedjes en woordspelletjes wordt hun tweetaligheid vaak op speelse en ingenieuze wijze ingezet.
Woorden en de stem zijn de belangrijkste elementen, met hier en daar wat kleine percussie- blaas- of elektronische instrumenten. Misschien ook tapes. In het algemeen alles wat zich aan de keukentafel kan voltrekken.
Hun muziek verschijnt op zelfgepubliceerde tapes en een aantal uitgaven van het Duitse label Eigenbau Records.

Coen Janssen & Benjamin Strauch - Lines is een abstracte animatie voorzien met live piano geluid. Bewegende lijnen in zwart wit en heel soms in kleur tegelijk met de stem van de piano. 


Seeds is part of Jazz In Crooswijk and Stichting Live At The Playground 

donderdag 21 januari 2016

Seeds #10: Poidespaces

The 10th edition of Seeds will deal with physical movement and sound movement connected to each other. The human body as the foundation of a performance by dancer Thomas Körtvelyessy and pianist Benjamin Strauch. Reacting on weight and creating it, either dancing or playing the piano. The lively show will be the outcome of a research. Come and enjoy!

Thomas Körtvélyessy - movement/room

Benjamin Strauch - sound/space

In memoriam / In the mind: Hazrat Inayat Khan, Noa Eshkol, Morton Feldman, Salvatore Sciarrino, John Escreet and Milan Kundera

(and James Joyce, if you must insist, for SoundDance) 

Thursday February 4th

20.00, doors open 19.30

Paradijslaan 115

3034 SJ Rotterdam

Entrance: 5 €

Seeds is a nonprofit event, all ticket income goes to the artists. If you like what they do, feel welcome to donate extra!

donderdag 10 december 2015

Seeds #9: David & The Circumstances

We are proud to present Singer - Songwriter - Act David & The Circumstances! After having lead his Indierock band "The Circumstances" for 7 years he has just released his first solo album called "This Part Of Me" with a more minimalistic approach, as I would characterize it. Read more about his music below in Dutch.

Be welcome and start out your new year with David & The Circumstances at the Seeds series!


Singer-songwriter David Groeneweg schrijft liedjes over existentiële vragen, licht, duisternis en het schemergebied daartussenin. Zijn teksten gaan over de niet aan te wijzen scheidslijn tussen het ik en de omstandigheden, de rivier en de zee, perfectie en imperfectie. Verstilde gitaar- en pianoklanken ondersteunen zijn poëtische boodschap. Invloeden zijn Radiohead, Bright Eyes en Bob Dylan.

David is sinds 2008 actief als leider van indierockband The Circumstances. In 2013 gooit hij het roer om en besluit een soloalbum op te nemen onder de naam David & The Circumstances. Ditmaal geen scheurende gitaarwalmen, maar akoestische gitaartokkels, minimalistische pianopartijen, rafelige achtergrondzang en subtiele e-bow geluiden.

Thursday, January 7th

20.00, doors open 19.30


Paradijslaan 115

3034 SJ Rotterdam


entrance: 5 €


Seeds is a non profit event, all ticket incomes go directly to the artists. If you like what they do, extra donations are welcome!

vrijdag 27 november 2015

Seeds #8: Giving Up For A New Landing

The coming edition of Seeds promises to be very spontaneous. It is dedicated to nowadays refugees. I will be there on the piano and I will be joined by surprise guests. I am sure we will enjoy a colorful musical time together. The garage in Crooswijk welcomes you with its raw feel! Be there to join the evening with an original "Crooswijkse Bocht" beer. Greetings - Benjamin Strauch

Thursday December 3rd

20.00, door 19.30

Paradijslaan 115

3034 SJ Rotterdam

entrance 7 € / 5 € reduction

dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Seeds #7: Choca Alcazaba & Friends

The upcoming edition of Seeds will present the Self taught multi-instrumentalist Choca Alcazaba, founder of Dutch psychedelic jazz-rock formation The New Earth Group, composer of yet another great album ‘Hurts Really Happy’ soon to be released.  

We are looking forward to the night when he will awaken our cosy garage in Croowsijk to new life with Jasper den Dulk on drums, Vincent van Duin on guitar and Erwin Stoepman on guitar! I am sure it will widen our scopes on both sides of the imaginary stage curtains!

With a hint of chilli’s, flares of light, a sweep of smoke and dressed in a jazz-coat, they will do their best to bring rotterdam underground instrumental music to a higher level.

Come join for ecstatic-die-hard-experimental-jazz-punk-space-noise-rock and enjoy another nice night at Seeds while sippin’ your favorite drink...  

Thursday November 5th

Paradijslaan 115, 3034 SJ Rotterdam

20.00, doors open 19.30 


Entrance: 7 € / 5 € (low income) 


Seeds is part of Jazz In Crooswijk and Stichting Live At The Playground 

woensdag 23 september 2015

Seeds #6: Invitation Tools

Two ways of performing: One goes via sound, another via spoken word. Benjamin Strauch triggers the audience's own participation in a call - response game. Whereas Toine Horvers offers a view and leaves it up to the audience to go with it or not.

Thursday October 1st

20.00, doors open 19.30


Paradijslaan 115

3034 SJ Rotterdam 


7 € / 5 € (low incomes)


Benjamin Strauch - Mesh Serum

Mesh Serum is a concert program with compositions and improvisations based on the Blues and influenced by contemporary classical music and rock music. It is inspired by the interweaving mesh established during encounters of people.

Toine Horvers - Rotation 2015

This work was inspired by the eternal rotating movement (Galaxy). It is an important metaphor in the ideas and ceremonies of the Mevlevi Sufi-order, with which Toine Horvers recently had very inspirational meetings in Istanbul.