woensdag 1 juni 2016

Seeds #12: Twang-Project

For the coming edition of Seeds we welcome the new group of an influencial Dutch artist. Nobody less than Jasper le Clercq, violin player and composer, who is touring the world with Zapp4, as leader of the Jasper le Clercq Quartet and in other combinations will play! Together with the great Andreas Suntrop on guitar/dobro/lapsteel and the just as great Paul Pallesen on guitar/banjo/vocals he presents his newborn Twang-Project.
In his next life Jasper le Clercq will be a guitarist, or maybe he was in his previous life, who knows? We do know that all New Orleans, country, rock, but also impro-notes will find their way through 16, or, if a Banjo gets involved, 14 strings.


Donderdag 16 Juni 2016

20.00, zaal 19.30

Buurthuis De Branding, Isaac Hubertstraat 153, 3034 CS Rotterdam

Entree: 5 €

Seeds is a nonprofit event, all ticket income goes to the artists. If you like what they do, feel welcome to donate extra!

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