dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Seeds #4 with Tamara Woestenburg and Ventriloquism

Seeds presents an intriguing show as a double bill. A very personal encounter with Tamara Woestenburg performing her songs solo will be joined by an energetic invitation to life by a duo performance of Ventriloquism with bass guitar and tap dance.

Tamara Woestenburg

Tamara Woestenburg sings and writes songs. She is expressive, original and raw, which is reflected in her songs. Both solo and supported by a band, the singer/songwriter presents different spheres and genres: from small and intimate, till ambitiously big; from Folk through Jazz to raw Rock. Tamara's moving and exciting voice, her intense performance and personal songs, are supported by imaginative instruments and arrangements.



Het staat voor buikspreken - uit het latijn: venter (buik) en loqui (spreken) - en is bekend door het gebruik van handpoppen. De zogenaamde ventriloquist manipuleert de stem zo dat het lijkt alsof het ergens anders vandaan komt, zoals een pop. Bruno gebruikt echter instrumenten en andere artiesten om ditzelfde effect te krijgen.
Hij heeft verschillende composities gemaakt die on- derdeel vormen van een carrousel die gespeeld kan worden in verschillende samenstellingen. Inmiddels zijn er 17 stukken, maar het aantal blijft groeien. De compos- ities vinden hun oorsprong op de basgitaar maar kunnen allemaal worden uitgevoerd op andere instrumenten en door andere artiesten zonder dat ze de compositorische integriteit verliezen.

Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva (bas, concept, composities)
Janne Eraker (tapdans)


Donderdag 11 juni 2015

Aanvang 19.30, zaal open 18.30

Huys Te Krooswijk
Paradijsplein 1
3034 SL Rotterdam

Entree 7 € / 5 € (lage inkomens)

woensdag 6 mei 2015

Third Concert with Costa - Ernsting, Costa - Paunov and Strauch - Ernsting

Dear all,
The third edition of Seeds is coming up. A concert series with the aim to experience and re-create music through players and audience. An Improvisation night with three different duos.

saxofone Hugo Costa
laptop Ivo Paunov
piano Benjamin Strauch
drums Philipp Ernsting.

The only composition of the night will be "Extinction Story" by Ivo Paunov and Hugo Costa.


Hugo Costa & Philipp Ernsting form a new free jazz/improvisation duo from Rotterdam. Their music is created in and from the moment, resulting in a fine blend that can be both noisy and violent, sometimes melodic and subtle. Both musicians are skilled and very empathetic players, and enjoy exploring the interplay and space between pure rhythm, lyricism and harmony. The music is intended to always move forward and surprise.

Benjamin Strauch

Benjamin Strauch, born 1985 in Weimar, Germany, is a pianist with a fixed point in Jazz. As a soloist, in trio and interacting with other art directions. Improvisation, spontaneous response to the place, the audience and to the line up come together with a wide range of sound possibilities. His playing comes equally from experience and re-creation. As a graduate of the Rotterdam Conservatory traditional Jazz is familiar to him. Exploring complex sounds his style has clear references to the Blues as well as an undertone of Soul. Raw sounds and structures are catalysts of a reciprocal reaction between ego and echo through players and audience. Freedom communicates with the moment when people call in between, move through the space or are surprised by themselves.


Thursday May 14

19.30, doors open 18.30

Huys Te Krooswijk
Paradijsplein 1
3034 SL Rotterdam

Entrance: 7 € / 5 € (low incomes)

zaterdag 2 mei 2015


Yellow Dog Trio, 9 april 2015 

foto's: Carl Weidner

 Popper's Nephews, 13 maart 2015