woensdag 23 september 2015

Seeds #6: Invitation Tools

Two ways of performing: One goes via sound, another via spoken word. Benjamin Strauch triggers the audience's own participation in a call - response game. Whereas Toine Horvers offers a view and leaves it up to the audience to go with it or not.

Thursday October 1st

20.00, doors open 19.30


Paradijslaan 115

3034 SJ Rotterdam 


7 € / 5 € (low incomes)


Benjamin Strauch - Mesh Serum

Mesh Serum is a concert program with compositions and improvisations based on the Blues and influenced by contemporary classical music and rock music. It is inspired by the interweaving mesh established during encounters of people.

Toine Horvers - Rotation 2015

This work was inspired by the eternal rotating movement (Galaxy). It is an important metaphor in the ideas and ceremonies of the Mevlevi Sufi-order, with which Toine Horvers recently had very inspirational meetings in Istanbul.

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